• The emergence and subsequent spreading of new technologies, such as Web portals, has changed the way people handle information, communicate, share knowledge, and perform tasks. The use of different information technologies and systems offers the potential for substantially improving performance not only at the organizational level, but also at the individual level. However, performance gains are often obstructed by users' unwillingness to accept and use available systems and technologies. This paper aims at examining the role of Web portals in improving the overall performance at the individual level in terms of task productivity and innovation, customer satisfaction, and management control. To this aim, the paper develops a Web portal success model and empirically validates it through the case of Aramex Company. The results support all formulated hypotheses, except two which are related to the relationships between "Service Quality" and both: "Intention to Use" and "Users' Satisfaction". The developed model explained about 72% of the variance in employees' performance. The study also shows its implications for theory and practice. ()
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  • Developing and Implementing a Web Portal Success Model ()
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