• >> Research on digital government focus mainly was hitherto on strategic implementation of government services, without an accountability of service quality expected by the users. Good service quality helps in return users and thus can enhance the usage of e-government services. Very few studies which have been done on e-government service quality. Researchers generally adopt multidimensional scale proposed for e-commerce to measure the e-service quality of government projects. But are the two comparable? An empirical research based on conceptual model in this paper highlights to what extent an e-commerce model can be implemented to evaluate the service quality of government digital services offered over the internet. The findings have been explained, which can serve as a valuable input for researchers and practitioners to understand user perceived service quality for e-government portals. The study was based on an Indian Government portal and might be a limitation for taking a holistic approach to address the issues existing in government portals of different countries. ()
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  • 2016-06-24 ()
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  • Validation of E-Commerce Portal Service Quality Scale in E-Government Portal ()
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