• ABSTRACT Despite the growing interest in film-tourism research, little research has explored the extent to which on-site film-tourism experiences influence tourist satisfaction and post-visit behavioral intentions. Within the context of Asian audience's responses to a Korean historical TV drama, Daejanggeum, this article adopted a structured quantitative survey instrument. Exploratory factor analysis identified three salient dimensions to represent the on-site film-tourism experiences: Novelty and Prestige, Beyond Screen Experience and Re-enactment, and Intimacy and Memory. The on-site film-tourism experiences had a significant influence on satisfaction, re-visit intention, and intention to recommend. Novelty and Prestige had the strongest direct effect on satisfaction and intention to recommend, whereas Intimacy and Memory was the main vehicle to influence film tourists' re-visit intention. ()
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  • The Relationships of On-Site Film-Tourism Experiences, Satisfaction, and Behavioral Intentions: The Case of Asian Audience's Responses to a Korean Historical TV Drama ()
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