• The widespread adoption of the Resource Description Framework (RDF) for the representation of both open web and enterprise data is the driving force behind the increasing research interest in RDF data management. As RDF data management systems proliferate, so are benchmarks to test the scalability and performance of these systems under data and workloads with various characteristics. In this paper, we compare data generated with existing RDF benchmarks and data found in widely used real RDF datasets. The results of our comparison illustrate that existing benchmark data have little in common with real data. Therefore any conclusions drawn from existing benchmark tests might not actually translate to expected behaviours in real settings. In terms of the comparison itself, we show that simple primitive data metrics are inadequate to flesh out the fundamental differences between real and benchmark data. We make two contributions in this paper: (1) To address the limitations of the primitive metrics, we introduce intuitive and novel metrics that can indeed highlight the key differences between distinct datasets; (2) To address the limitations of existing benchmarks, we introduce a new benchmark generator with the following novel characteristics: (a) the generator can use any (real or synthetic) dataset and convert it into a benchmark dataset; (b) the generator can generate data that mimic the characteristics of real datasets with user-specified data properties. On the technical side, we formulate the benchmark generation problem as an integer programming problem whose solution provides us with the desired benchmark datasets. To our knowledge, this is the first methodological study of RDF benchmarks, as well as the first attempt on generating RDF benchmarks in a principled way. ()
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  • Apples and oranges: a comparison of RDF benchmarks and real RDF datasets ()


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