• With the advent of Web 2.0, the number of IT systems used in university courses is growing. Yet research consistently shows that a significant proportion of students are anxious about computer use. The quality of first experience with computers has been consistently mentioned as a significant contributor to anxiety onset. However the effect of users' first experience on system related anxiety has not to the authors' knowledge been researched using controlled experiments. Indeed little experiment based research has been conducted on the wiki user experience, specifically users' evaluations and emotional reactions towards editing. This research uses usability engineering principles to engineer four different wiki experiences for novice wiki users and measures the effect each has on usability, anxiety during editing and on anxiety about future wiki editing. Each experience varied in the type of training spaces available before completing six live wiki editing tasks. We found that anxiety experienced by users was not related to computer anxiety but was wiki specific. Users in the in-built tutorial conditions also rated the usability of the editing interface higher than users in the non-tutorial conditions. The tutorial conditions also led to a significant reduction in wiki anxiety during interaction but did not significantly affect future editing anxiety. The findings suggest that the use of an in-built tutorial reduces emotional and technological barriers to wiki editing and that controlled experiments can help in discovering how aspects of the system experience can be designed to affect usability and anxiety towards editing wikis. ()
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  • Exploring the wiki user experience: The effects of training spaces on novice user usability and anxiety towards wiki editing ()
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