• By extending the updated D&M IS success model, this study examines the multi-dimensional aspects to identify influential factors and construct a suitable model for explaining NHSS success in Taiwan. Through the empirical results from the perspective of 1215 public healthcare workers, this study has arrived at several findings. First, eight salient factors were found which influenced NHSS success from the dimensions of user characteristics, organizational context, and system characteristics. Second, the factors of user experience, user training, information quality, service quality, and user satisfaction have a strong positive effect on system use, whereas user attitude and facilitating conditions have a significant and negative effect. Further, user attitude, user training, top management support, system quality, information quality, and service quality are also significantly correlated to user satisfaction. The results of this study can assist governments in other countries in developing more effective NHSS and better e-Government practices. ()
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  • Factors Influencing the Success of National Healthcare Services Information Systems: An Empirical Study in Taiwan ()
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