• The research goals of this study were to investigate how the design and service quality of the website of the public sectors affect tourists' satisfaction and continued usage intention. We collected a sample of tourists, using a survey questionnaire, and we tested the model and hypotheses using a structural equation modelling approach. E-tourism websites have unique interactive and multimedia qualities with the potential to create experiences similar to a product trial. In total, invitation messages were mailed to 2000 members of the Taiwanese backpackers' forum, of which 256 were returned completed. The findings of this study indicate that the mission of excellence in travel services will be an important strategy in e-tourism website design; an e-tourism website that allows quick navigation is likely to attract travellers. Moreover, it is important that governments adopt a knowledge-sharing culture in their relationship strategy by developing a competence for building long-term relationships with tourists. ()
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  • Cultivating travellers' revisit intention to e-tourism service: the moderating effect of website interactivity ()
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