• The pedagogy of teaching and learning has changed with the proliferation of communication technology and it is necessary to develop interactive learning materials for children that may improve their learning, catching, and memorizing capabilities. Perhaps, one of the most important innovations in the age of technology is multimedia and its application. It is imperative to create high quality and realistic learning environment for children. Interactive learning materials can be easier to understand and deal with their first learning. We developed some interactive learning materials in the form of a video for Playgroup using multimedia application tools. This study investigated the impact of students' abilities to acquire new knowledge or skills through interactive learning materials. We visited one kindergartens (Nursery schools), interviewed class teachers about their teaching methods and level of students' ability of recognizing English alphabets, pictures, etc. The course teachers were provided interactive learning materials to show their playgroups for a number of sessions. The video included English alphabets with related words and pictures, and motivational fun. We noticed that almost all children were very interested to interact with their leaning video. The students were assessed individually and asked to recognize the alphabets, and pictures. The students adapted with their first alphabets very quickly. However, there were individual differences in their cognitive development. This interactive multimedia can be an alternative to traditional pedagogy for teaching playgroups. ()
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  • Interactive Digital Learning Materials for Kindergarten Students in Bangladesh. ()


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