• 1. Introduction and Overview.- I. Cognitive and Motivational Determinants of Action.- 2. From Intentions to Actions: A Theory of Planned Behavior.- Predicting and Explaining Volitional Behavior: A Theory of Reasoned Action.- Empirical Support.- The Intention-Behavior Relation.- Plans, Goals, and Actions.- A Theory of Planned Behavior.- Summary and Conclusions.- 3. Knowing What to Do: On the Epistemology of Actions.- A Theory of Lay Epistemology.- Conclusion.- 4. The Pursuit of Self-Defining Goals.- A Central Distinction: Self-Defining vs. Non-Self-Defining Goals.- A Theory of Symbolic Self-Completion.- Self-Symbolizing: The Cognition-Behavior Relation.- The Relation Between Self-Report and Behavior.- Self-Symbolizing : The Interference with Goals That Are Not Self-Defining.- Summary.- II. Self-Regulatory Processes and Action Control.- 5. Historical Perspectives in the Study of Action Control.- Overview of Early Theories of Volition.- Ach's Psychology of Volition.- 6. Volitional Mediators of Cognition-Behavior Consistency Self Regulatory Processes and Action Versus State Orientation.- A Theoretical Framework.- Empirical Evidence.- Conclusion.- 7. Dissonance and Action Control.- The Relevance of the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance for Processes of Action Control.- Implications for the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance.- Conclusion.- 8. Action Control and the Coping Process.- Coping with Life Crises: The Gap Between Theory and Practice.- Action Control and the Coping Process.- Coping with Undesirable Life Events: Implications for the Theory of Action Control.- Conclusions and Implications.- III. Problem-Solving and Performance Control.- 9. Mechanisms of Control and Regulation in Problem Solving.- Requirements of a Theory of Problem-Solving.- Models of Cognitive Control in Problem Solving.- Models of Planning: A Metacognitive Activity.- Empirical Results: Evidence for Executive Control.- 10. Thinking and the Organization of Action.- The Organization of Behavior: A General Picture.- Heuristic Processes: Their Elements and Determinants.- Conclusion.- 11. A Control-Systems Approach to the Self-Regulation of Action.- A Control-Systems Model of Self-Regulation.- Reassertion and Giving Up: Helplessness and Alternative Interpretations.- Applications ineffective Self-Management, and Behavior Change.- Conclusion.- 12. From Cognition to Behavior: Perspectives for Future Research on Action Control.- From Predictive to Explanatory Models.- From Molar to Molecular Levels of Analysis.- From Simple Cases to Psychologically Representative Behavior.- From Associationistic to Dynamic Models.- From "Cognition-Behavior Consistency" to "Motivational Stability".- Conclusion.- Author Index. ()
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