• List of Tables List of Figures Preface 1. Introduction: What Is Satisfaction? PART 1. BASIC SATISFACTION MECHANISMS 2. The Performance of Attributes, Features, and Dimensions 3. Expectations and Related Comparative Standards 4. The Expectancy Disconfirmation Model of Satisfaction PART 2. ALTERNATIVE AND SUPPLEMENTARY COMPARATIVE OPERATORS 6. Quality: The Object of Desire 7. The Many Varieties of Value in the Consumption Experience 8. Equity: How Consumers Interpret Fairness 9. Regret: What Might Have Been, and Hindsight (What I Knew Would Be) PART 3. SATISFACTION PROCESSES AND MECHANISMS 10. Cognitive Dissonance: Fears of What the Future Will Bring (and a Few Hopes) 11. Why Did It Happen? Attribution in the Satisfaction Response 12. Emotional Expression in the Satisfaction Response 13. The Processing of Consumption PART 4. SATISFACTION'S CONSEQUENCES: WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? 14. After Satisfaction: The Short Run Consequences 15. Loyalty and Financial Impact: Long-term Effects on Satisfaction Name Index Subject Index About the Author. ()
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