• The effectiveness and efficiency of e-government (e-gov) services (EGS) are critical issues that have yet to be fully discussed. Inspired by successful practices in the areas of SERVQUAL, capability-based theories, and IT-related capability management, the efficient delivery of EGS should derive from the high capabilities of a government to provide such services. This article aims to develop a conceptual framework to assess and empirically examine EGSC using data from local governments in Mainland China. The fitness test and the case study prove that the conceptual framework was suitable in analyzing China's EGSC. In particular, the EGSC can be examined from 3 dimensions/layers: content service capability, service delivery capability, and on-demand capability. The results of the structural analysis illustrate the practical management applications of EGSC, which can facilitate the improvement of EGS. ()
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  • Conceptualizing and examining E-government service capability: A Review and empirical study ()
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