• Abstract In the changing climate of the 1990s there is a need for creativity in marketing and this leads to the question of whether the non-profit arts can afford not to participate in cause related marketing. Cause related marketing is a new way for for-profit organizations to increase their sales while appearing to enhance their focus on social responsibility. The key for private-sector organizations is to build partnerships with a worthy, notable cause and for them to promote that cause in a carefully structured commercial venture designed to enhance both organizations' financial viability. The concept of cause related marketing was first applied to the arts in San Francisco in the late 1970s. Over the last two decades the focus has shifted from the worthy cause of the arts, to issues of health and social need. The answer proposed in this paper is to broaden the definition of worthy cause to include the needy non-profit arts and thus, return cause related marketing to its roots. This paper makes a cont... ()
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  • Cause Related Marketing: Can the Arts Afford Not to Participate? ()
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