• This paper presents a research model to explore the (i) direct effects of independent variables (interpersonal relationship and attractiveness of alternatives) on behavioural loyalty, (ii) the mediating effects of dependence and calculative commitment on the relationship between independent variables and behavioural loyalty, and (iii) the moderating role of subjective knowledge on the relationship between attractiveness of alternatives and dependence. While the direct effects of interpersonal relationships and attractiveness of alternatives have been examined in a business-to-business (B2B) context, there is no research yet known that investigates these constructs under conditions of dissatisfaction in the B2B services sector. Similarly, there is no research identified that investigates mediating or moderating roles in this context. We attempt to fill this knowledge gap by contributing to a better understanding of how customer loyalty towards service providers is formed under a troubled or dysfunctional relationship. ()
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  • Exploring Mediating and Moderating Relationships amongst Some Switching Barriers in the Business Services Sector ()


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