• Information technology (IT) has become the backbone for many of today??"s organizations in the private and public sectors. However, identifying users??" information satisfaction as well as their perception of the strengths and weaknesses of IT service represents a major challenge for IT management. This research explored the perceived IT service quality (SQ) and user satisfaction (US), the effect of SQ on US, and the impact of a number of demographic and situational characteristics on SQ and US in the Ministry of Communications (MOC) of Kuwait. Three SQ dimensions have emerged, including empathy/assurance, reliability, and tangibles. Users, however, are not certain about the quality of the provided IT service. They are also somewhat satisfied with the systems they regularly use. Age, nationality, job type, sector type, and system use varyingly affect SQ and US. SQ has also emerged as an important determinant of US. These findings as well as their implications are further discussed in the paper. ()
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  • Perceived Technical Service Quality and Information Satisfaction at the Ministry of Communications, Kuwait ()
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