• In the present study, some characteristics observed in the retail counters of yogurt and fermented milk products are described as they are offered to the consumer in thirty nine centres visited within the Madrid Community (9 hypermarkets, 23 supermarkets and 7 groceries). Results: The temperature of the counter was not displayed in 21% of the visited centres, and in 10% of the ones that showed it, it was higher than 8?C. Store brands were 50% of the total brands offered. Forty six percent of the visited centres had any expired product. Prices were not correctly displayed, or not displayed at all, in 64% of the visited centres. Both the store brands and the traditional yogurts were cheaper than the commercial brands and the new fermented milk. Conclusion: Temperature conditions out of adequate range for these products, presence of expired products and inadequate display of prices were observed in the counters presented to the consumer. Store brands had a high presence in this dairy sector. ()
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  • Estudio de los lineales de venta de leches fermentadas en centros comerciales de la comunidad de Madrid ()


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