• Business intelligence and analytics (BI&A) have become part of almost every com- pany/organisation nowadays, as the benefits of a successful adoption are many. However, the failure scenarios are many as well, with companies/organisations facing dissatisfied employ- ees who do not use the BI&A tools because they find them difficult to use -despite the train- ings-, and others who start using them and then stop this usage. In an effort to help compa- nies/organisations who want to adopt or have adopted a BI&A solution to understand their employees, as well as BI&A vendors to understand their end-users, we conducted this study where we examined the relationships among training, system usage, EUCS and UCI. What is more, we decided to focus only to descriptive BI&A as it is the type of BI&A that is mostly adopted by companies/organisations. The data needed for the study was collected with the help of a questionnaire-based survey and four hypotheses were developed for our literature- based proposed model. Data analysis was conducted with Excel, SPSS and AMOS and all of our hypotheses were confirmed. This is a sign that companies/organisations should keep in- vesting on training in order to achieve higher levels of BI&A usage and eventually higher levels of EUCS and UCI. ()
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  • Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) Systems:Measuring End-User Computing Satisfaction (EUCS) ()


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