• Abstract : The Navy Personnel Research and Development Center (NAVPERSRANDCEN) is developing a prototype JPM Data Base containing rating-specific information that may be used by operational Navy components not only to link job performance with enlistment standards but for other management purposes as well, such as assessing training effectiveness. The prototype data base may also be used by researchers to evaluate tests and measures. A step-by-step plan is required to develop and demonstrate the prototype data base. The objective of this effort was to create a Life-Cycle Automation Management Plan (LAMP) for the development and implementation of a rating-specific data base that the Navy will use to manage job performance information. The tasks and decisions for each of five life-cycle phases include: Phase I, Mission Analysis and Project Initiation; Phase II, Concept Development; Phase III, Definition and Design; Phase ()
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  • The Navy Job Performance Measurement (JPM) Program: Life-Cycle Automation Management Plan for a JPM Data Base. ()


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