• This paper presents a broad assessment of the current state of statistical and information systems in the countries of sub - Saharan Africa. It reviews the factors which explain weaknesses in statistical systems which impact on data availability, consistency, validity and timeliness. A new development strategy for information systems is presented, with emphasis on establishment of clear priorities for developing information flows at the country level matched by increased resource allocations. Four broad data fields requiring action are stressed : 1) social and demographic; 2) natural resources and the environment; 3) price and production statistics; and 4) national accounts. The paper outlines efforts at the national and international level to rehabilitate and build statistical systems. At the national level, establishment of a minimum set of statistical priorities, a national action program for information systems development, and investments in statistical infrastructure, are required. A recommendation is made to improve coordination among donors in the delivery of assistance. ()
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  • Information systems and basic statistics in sub-Saharan Africa: a review and strategy for improvement. ()


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