• We advocate for several modeling approaches suitable to prove understanding of and capability to model aerosol behavior in nucleating droplets and ice and to model regional cloud systems at the mesoscale. The full complement of data that is ideal for particular study types is increasingly well understood; the ASR ISDAC Science Plan provides an excellent example of listing the data required for each study type targeted by that campaign. Whereas discussion here focused on the microscale and mesoscale, other studies should obviously focus on the regional, seasonal and global scale. When considering ice microphysics alone, laser focus on unconstrained model components could be usefully intensified (e.g., collision-coalescence kernels). Similarly, a focus on boundary layer structure would be deeply valuable to a wide range of model types. The expense of observations motivates efficient planning for observational data sets to support specific study approaches; the concept of closure is often useful (e.g., the surface energy budget). ()
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  • Attendee Response to Guiding Questions of the September 2014 DOE Workshop on North Slope of Alaska Priorities ()


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