• Obviously, before making a decision about industrial activities, it is essential to consider as many aspects as possible so that the final verdict could be described as 'carefully considered'. Since many industrial activities cause a considerable amount of air pol­ lution, environmental aspects have to play an important part in this decision-making process. Since the list of aspects to be discussed is no trifling one and our contribution here is fairly limited, it will have to be the multiplicity and variety of the relevant decision variables which engross the reader rather than the profoundness of our observations on these aspects. Four main categories of relevant aspects will be discussed in more detail. We have endeavoured to include labour market and economic aspects as well as sociological and environmental aspects. This analysis will not be presented here in an abstract framework. An attempt will be made to illustrate the analysis directly on the basis of a concrete regional planning problem. This concrete ex­ ample concerns the possible location of .an integrated iron and steel factory on the so-called Maasvlakte (the sand flats at the mouth of the Rhine, near Rotterdam). Before we proceed any further, it will be necessary, however, to describe in more detail the locational advantages of the Maasvlakte. ()
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  • Environmental and Region. An Orientation concerning Decision-making ()


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