• State-sponsored intelligence has played an integral role in establishing, managing, and retaining dominion since human beings first banded together in large, extended families, thousands of years ago, and began implementing social and geographic boundaries for themselves and their neighbors. It involves myriad differing actors, philosophies, methodologies, tools, techniques, and approaches. It is an ever-evolving discipline that sees cross-pollination among contributing entities within the state as pivotal to its success or failure. The ability to differentiate and make intelligent decisions based on the information a given organization within a state receives is not trivial. This chapter sheds light on some very fundamental aspects of intelligence gathering. Foreign Intelligence Services are able to leverage economies of scale in order to gather information across many vectors that are not accessible to the general public. This provides them with very sensitive information that is worth a lot of money in the wrong the hands. The key here is that a lot can be learned from these use cases as the world becomes more connected. ()
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