• Purpose: The study tried to suggest the ways to improve the national disability welfare information projects with evaluating the present condition of the projects. Method: Firstly, the study analyzed the disability information system and disability websites. Secondly, the study found out the problems of the registration of disability and management system through the situation analysis. Finally, the study conducted a survey of the disabled and the information system workers and performance evaluation of the information system. Result: The study offered a proposal of The Disability Unity Management System(DUMS) for the disability registration and management. When the disabled visit the hospital or the public health center, their information is registered automatically in The Disability Unity Management System(DUMS), which helps not to miss out the disability registration. Through this system, they are given the proper service which they need, and the information can be shared with the facilities providing the service for the disabled. Conclusion: The Disability Unity Management System(DUMS) contributes significantly in avoiding the repetition of the support for the disabled and improving the quality of service. ()
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  • The Study on Performance Evaluation and Improvement of the Information System for the Disabled ()
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