• The systems movement, with its history of contributing to diverse disciplines, is in an ideal position to develop methods which enable various disciplines to learn from each other. The aim is to avoid re-inventing the wheel; to take existing knowledge and convert it to a different purpose. Sometimes, while we are struggling with a new problem, we find promising knowledge in an existing field and successfully apply it to the new field. Sometimes it is not so easy. Existing knowledge looks as if it should be useful in the new field, but, although the theory has respect in its existing field of application, it is not accepted and used by practitioners in the new field. This paper outlines some methods which were used to convert existing knowledge about psychology into a theory and method which can be used by computer experts when they are talking to business experts. The author has found these methods useful for approaching inter-disciplinary applications and believes that a formal statement of the methods could help others who struggle to put existing knowledge to new uses. ()
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  • Conversion of Knowledge to a New Purpose ()


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