• Background: Increasingly, psychiatric and socio-medical therapeutic institutions have to deal with the discussion and measurement of their outcomes. Given this fact, the project, which is structured in three parts, aims to produce a synthesis of published knowledge and its analysis in order to gain new knowledge for concrete evaluations of therapeutic institutions. Several highly heterogeneous approaches exist in the organisation of the services: easily accessible out-patient therapies, day-care, as well as in-patient services. There is relatively little comparative evidence of clinical effectiveness of the different approaches, treatment results and costs. Aims and research objectives: To give an overview of the different treatment models, to analyse some models of integrated care, to reach conclusions about the evaluation of cost-effectiveness analysis of in- and out-patient therapies for people suffering from alcohol addiction, to transfer the main features of a model of integrated care services to the region of Salzburg and to carry out an economic evaluation of the existing and a potential integrated care model. Method: Part I: Systematic review, literature- and data analysis; Part II: Additional search of published and grey literature; hand search and internet research for chosen models of good practice; direct contact and expert interviews; systematic organisation analysis of the three examples of integrated care according to their procedural design, gateway communication structures; analysis of grey literature and cost data available; formulation of quality indicators which could be benchmarks for other models of service of integrated care in alcohol addiction treatment; ()
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  • Economic aspects of clinically effective and efficient models of health services in alcohol addiction treatment Part 1: International models and approaches of outcome measurement Part 2: Selected models of integrated care and their evaluation ()


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