• A large majority of international postgraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology commence their masters program with limited research experience. In particular, many international students were never encouraged, in their undergraduate studies, to critically evaluate or to plan and manage their own research projects. Moreover, these students were not generally encouraged to construct an argument and validate it. This problem, in conjunction with language difficulties, makes it very difficult for international students to understand the objectives and expectations of a thesis project. In many cases, it is up to the supervisors to provide a high degree of individual consultation on research fundamentals to bridge the gap between the students' existing research skills and their required proficiency level. The objectives of this paper were to evaluate the research capability and the barriers facing international students when conducting a thesis project. A structured interview approach was proposed for this purpose, addressing questions relating to the difficulties faced when undertaking various elements of the thesis project. Also, respondents were asked to rate provided coping strategies to overcome these difficulties. The primary outcome of the study is the development of an improved supervision approach, which should shift the current one-on-one highly consultative process, between the supervisor and student, to a diversified approach where the student has the opportunity to attempt self-learning. Students who utilise the proposed approach should be better able to visualise the "process map" for their project and deliver improved research outcomes. The proposed hybrid supervision approach incorporates many of the characteristics of "deep learning" where students are given opportunities to be actively involved, enjoy, and reflect upon their experiences during their practical learning exercise. ()
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  • Investigating the difficulties faced by international students undertaking Engineering coursework dissertation projects ()


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