• This paper aims to link information from two streams of research namely networks and teams. It does not repeat research on teams that spans four decades with the unit of analysis on a group level in organisations. Instead it focuses on research on networks that have emerged over the last decade and are on the meta or organisational level of analysis. Much of this research has been on interorganisational networks of multinational corporations but information on local and regional networks among small and medium sized organisations are becoming more prevalent. One of the challenging issues in relation to networks is that one cannot assume that teams in an organisation will spontaneously form networks that span boundaries or conversely that people belonging to a broad business network will evolve into teams. Other challenging issues relate to how to map networks as well as discerning the stage of development of a network. Specific dilemmas that need attention in managing networks are dealing with interdependence, cooperation and competition in a network and the development of trust between members. The practical implications for organisations, managers and employees in building competencies in managing networks will be discussed. Exploratory research on cultural diversity in networks and how knowledge is managed by key actors in a network is noted. ()
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