• This local government performance management (LGPM) tool is a continuation of these initiatives, but contains a number of important differences. The goal is to capture the four key dimensions of LG performance, namely: (i) public financial management; (ii) fiscal performance; (iii) service delivery; and (iv) the investment climate. The tool includes more than one hundred indicators, providing a snapshot of overall performance giving insight into the specific domains that drive overall performance. It highlights areas requiring further scrutiny, ideally in conjunction with other more targeted survey instruments. This paper lays out the background of the LGPM framework and presents its main features. It also explains the methodological challenges and choices that lie ahead in developing a nationwide index of LG performance. Finally, it presents lessons learned from the experience of piloting in selected districts. ()
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  • Mengoptimalkan kontribusi desentralisasi bagi pembangunan : metodologi kerangka verja pengukuran kinerja pemerintah daerah (LGPM) ()


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