• This exploratory study provides an understanding of how the Fourth Party Logistics Provider (4PL) approach affects the development of inter-organizational networks within the agricultural sector. A research within the German agricultural bulk logistics industry discovered that the 4PL approach coincides with the ongoing technical development of the industry and enables them to provide crucial functions for these networks. Moreover, the functions of a 4PL may induce an efficiency-enhancing effect for a network. The greatest identified potentials are: (1) Information and communication technologies (ICT) support a more efficient transportation planning as well as more transparency, and enhance the degree of cooperation within the network and its inter-organizational dynamic; (2) If the 4PL approach adapts to interorganizational forms of coordination, than new experiences for the development of the 4PL (increased commitment, cooperation strategies) may be expected; (3) If the 4PL claims technological leadership within the industry, this may result in a long-term competitive advantage. ()
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  • A Fourth Party Logistics Provider within an Inter-Organizational Network: An explorative Study with the Example of the Agricultural Bulk Logistics Industry ()


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