• Work teams have become common place within organisations since the early 1990s, but what effect has this had on the workforce of these organisations? Has it made their tasks easier or has it put more pressure on them? How has the performance appraisal process adapted to reward teamworking within organisations? Performance appraisals within team based organisations - is there a conflict? This dissertation will try to answer some of these questions by examining literature from many sources, and using research. One of the first steps is to understand how teams have become so popular within organisations and how they function, the benefits of teams and the issues that teams face. The appraisal process must also be examined as an important tool for measuring effort of employees and deciding the rewards that come from the appraisal process. While the appraisal process might be successful for individual performance, has this crossed over into the team based organisations? Motivation has been examined to great lengths in the past, but how has this effected the performance appraisal process, particularly within teams, this dissertation will look at some of the motivation theories and try to apply them to the research that has been gathered. The research within this dissertation has limits and by no means is a complete examination of the area, but it will give an insight into the area for readers with an interest in the area of teams, performance appraisal process and motivation within team based organisations. ()
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  • Performance Appraisal within Team Based Organisations - Is There a Conflict? ()


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